Blogging 101: a guest post

Happy Hump Day, SoCal Bloggers! Today we have a very special guest post from Kailyn! She blogs at Kailyn Marie.

We would like to see this blog blossom into a community blog where SoCal bloggers can come to find fellow bloggers in their area, join a meet up, network, talk and maybe learn a thing or two! If you're a SoCal blogger and want to contribute email us! amanda.rice12 (at) or jill (at)  

Today Kailyn shares how to NOT be a no-reply blogger. You won't get much interaction from comments you leave on other's blogs if you make people search for your contact information! Don't worry, Kailyn is here to help!

This post was originally published on Kailyn Marie.


I stumbled across a few posts about no-reply bloggers, so I decided I would write my own post about it. Because it is one of the most frustrating things, ever. Why? Because I cannot respond to your comments if you are a no-reply blogger. If you're not sure what a no-reply blogger is, you're probably one of them!

What is a no-reply blogger?
someone that doesn't have their email address linked to their blog.

Pat is a no-reply blogger.
Pat leaves a comment on my blog. **All my comments go straight to my email**
As I check my email, I want to respond to Pat's comment, but Pat's email says instead of her email address.
Now I cannot respond to Pat's comment.

Not sure if you are a no-reply blogger?
Two simple solutions.

1. Post a comment on this post asking if you are a no-reply blogger, also leave your blog address on the comment. If you are a no-reply blogger, I will contact you via your blog and let you know. If you are not a no-reply blogger, you will get a lovely email response from me.

2. Follow the steps below.

How to fix this problem:

1. Go to your blogger profile. And on the right click on Edit Profile.
2. Find the check box for: Show my email address. {If this box is already checked, you are not a no-reply blogger)

 Then fill in your email address as I did below.

3. Save Profile.
4. Your profile should now look like this:

VOILA! You are no longer a no-reply blogger!

Worried about your personal email being out?
You can make yourself a specific email for your blog. Many bloggers do this. Just be sure to check your blog email frequently.

HOWEVER, this will NOT change your log in email.

If your profile is Google+ follow these instructions..

1. Click the gear icon under your name.
2. Click Revert to Blogger profile.
3. Switch to a limited Blogger profile.
4. Follow the steps in the beginning of the post to double check you are no longer a no-reply blogger.

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Seaside Brunching

LtoR: Top Row - Jill from Classy with a Kick, Raina from San Diego HR Mom, Abby from The Fabulous Life of a Natural Disaster, Amanda from Amanda Kathryn, Amanda from A Beautiful Mess,
Adrienne from Pretty Chouette, Brianne from San Briego,
Bottom Row: Jessica from Wifesticated, Kailyn from Kailyn Marie , Marty from Marty with the Party

Our first group "blate' was a success!

We were so excited to have all the gorgeous ladies above join us for an amazing mimosa filled brunch/lunch at Pacific Coast Grill in Cardiff by the Sea. It was an amazing and beautiful day!
Thanks to everyone who made it. We are super excited to plan our next up: wine tasting! Post ideas and suggestions below!!

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Location Change! Now in SD!

Hey ladies.

Just a quick heads up - we are changing our meet up location to San Diego instead of Laguna. We sent out an email to all who RSVP'ed and it seems like SD is a better option for most of you.

With that said...
keep your eye out for details on our new location in North County San Diego!

For any of you who have not RSVP'ed and can make it now that the location has changed, please email Jill or Amanda  so we can add you to the list!

Looking forward to seeing you guys! :)

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Save the Date for our First Meet-up: November 3

We're so excited to announce we have set a date for our first SoCal Sista Meet-up! 

Save the date for November 3! We will be gathering for brunch in Laguna Beach. We have lots of fun activities planned. 

This is a great opportunity to meet new bloggers or meet some of your faves! 

All blogs, big and small, are welcome. Please pass on the word! 

If you would like to receive an official invite, please send an email to Amanda ( or Jill (

We are so excited to meet all of you! 

Welcome to So Cal Sistas

Welcome! We're so excited you're here! 

So Cal Sistas was created by Amanda from A Beautiful Mess and Jill from Classy with Kick as a place for the lovely blogger ladies of Southern California to meet and collaborate via the web.

The idea started as a simple get together and then turned into a little blog to help connect other bloggers in the area. We are currently planning our first meet up or "group blate" in early Nov so if you are interested in joining or even co-planning, leave a comment below and we will add you to the interest list.

Also, if you have any events in Southern California and want to share them with the group, let us know and we can we have you do a guest post and/or add your event to the event page! If you have any other ideas on how to contribute and grow this blog, we would love to hear your ideas. 

In the meantime, take a look around and let us know what you think. We are still new so expect lots of changes and more fun stuff in the next few weeks!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again!